Constitution of the Colorado Association of Tax Appraisers (CATA)

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Origin and Purpose of CATA

The Colorado Association of Tax Appraisers (referred to as CATA) was born January 8, 1962. Founders of the Association recognized the need for the exchange of knowledge and ideas among those who make appraisals for assessment purposes. They were desirous of developing efficient techniques in this appraisal field. They hoped to motivate persons in the field to do professional appraisal work for the people of Colorado.

Purposes and Objectives of the Association

  1. To serve as a clearing-house for the exchange of appraisal practice.
  2. To improve the standard of assessment practice.
  3. To elevate the standards of personnel requirements in assessment offices.
  4. To educate those engaged in assessment practice.
  5. To educate the general public in matters relating to assessment practice.
  6. To obtain for the assessment appraiser the prestige and respect which the position rightfully deserves.
  7. To obtain for the assessment appraiser just compensation commensurate with his/her experience and work involved.
  8. To engage in research and to publish the results of studies in assessment practice.
  9. To cooperate with other public or private agencies who are sincerely interested in the improvement of assessment practice.
  10. To promote justice and equity in the distribution of the property tax burden.

Activities of the Association were designed to help accomplish the aforementioned goals. This was stated by the founders as follows.

To accomplish the purposes for which it is organized, CATA must carry on a continuous program of activity. Although this program must be frequently modified to meet changing needs, it may be classified into three categories, as follows:

  1. Conferences, meeting and training programs.
  2. Special study committees.
  3. Research

In addition to developing a desire for efficiency and professionalization in assessment work. a strong fellowship affiliation has come into existence among CATA members throughout the state. Social activities are sponsored by the Association to sustain and cause this fellowship to grow.