Become a Member

Would you like to become a member of the Colorado Association of Tax Appraisers?

Membership in our organization is governed by our bylaws. Please review the bylaws below and determine if you can qualify as a member.

CATA Bylaws – Article 3 – Membership

Sec. 1 Regular Membership Persons eligible for regular membership shall include any employee of a department, commission, board, bureau. or agency of the State, County, or City whose duties are to appraise real and personal property for ad valorem purposes in the State of Colorado.

Sec. 2 Associate Membership Persons eligible for associate membership shall include Assessors. the Property Tax Administrator, County Commissioners, Tax Agents of private companies, and persons in fields related to or conforming with the interests of our Association. Associate members have privileges of the floor at regular meetings only, without all other privileges effecting the operation and function of the Association.

Sec. 3 Persons who have been active members, upon retiring from county office shall be selected honorary Life members of the Association with all prior membership privileges, but without the right to hold office.

Sec. 4 Active members who leave office, regardless of the reason may retain membership, subject to the Executive Board’s decision upon reviewing their written application.

If you can meet one of the criteria above, please contact us.